About Integrated Procurement Management System

The Public Procurement and Asset Disposal Board, with the objective to improve the public procurement process and in an effort to reduce the procurement cycle time to improve its service delivery to various stakeholders, has envisaged automating the public procurement system through the implementation of Integrated Procurement Management System (IPMS).

The implementation of IPMS includes the following core modules:

  • Contractor Registration Module
  • ITT Vetting Module
  • Adjudication Module
  • E-bidding Module
  • Dispute Resolution Module
  • Capacity Building Module
  • Report Writing Module
  • Document Management Module

The IPMS has also been interfaced with existing Government Legacy Systems to verify information in real time and the services for the Users of IPMS also include on-going training and support.

The IPMS to be implemented by Public Procurement and Asset Disposal Board shall form a unitary platform to initiate and execute all procurement related activities of all Procurement Entities of Republic of Botswana. The System shall be used by Public Procurement and Asset Disposal Board, its Committees (Ministerial Tender Committees and District Administrative Tender Committees), Procurement Entities and Contractor community to access or transact on the System based on the access level assigned to them. The System on a periodical basis will also publish public information online to be available to various stakeholders.

The IPMS will be implemented in a phased approach and, currently, the System has been launched to migrate the process of managing the Contractor Registrations online. The System will assist Contractors from Botswana as well as other countries to submit their applications for registration online, track status of application, receive notifications for additional information required by the Board for processing of applications for registration, receive notifications of decisions taken by the Board, submit requests for application in additional categories, submit requests for renewal of application and submit requests for upgrading of application.

We hope you have an enjoyable experience using the IPMS.

For more information and news on the implementation on IPMS, please look for Press Releases in the media or visit the Announcements section below on a regular basis.